Join us for a groundbreaking event set to revolutionize the Canadian mental health landscape, with a laser focus on the well-being of Black girls and women in Canada! The Udada Project extends an enthusiastic invitation to all stakeholders, enthusiasts, and mental health experts for an upcoming conference like no other.

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Secure your spot at our trailblazing event by grabbing your early bird tickets before March 31, 2024, for just $220 + tax.

Act fast, as ticket prices will revert to the regular rate of $280 + tax starting April 1, 2024. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer!

What Is It About?

Brace yourself for a transformative experience at our conference. We are about to unveil the groundbreaking discoveries from our comprehensive evaluation report for the Udada Project, an initiative dedicated to completely redefining mental health support for Black girls and women in Canada.

Building an Inclusive Mental Health Landscape

Our conference theme, “Building an Inclusive Mental Health Landscape,” underscores our steadfast commitment to nurturing inclusivity and diversity within mental health practices and services. Get ready for dynamic discussions, fresh perspectives, and boundless collaborative opportunities as we collectively strive to construct a more inclusive and supportive mental health ecosystem for all Canadians.

Who Is It For?

Our conference extends a warm welcome to all individuals with a vested interest in elevating the mental health landscape in Canada. Whether you are a seasoned mental health professional, a dedicated researcher on a quest for change, a visionary policymaker driving transformation, a passionate advocate championing mental well-being, or simply someone devoted to forging a healthier future, this event has been meticulously tailored to cater to your needs. Let us unite and plot a course towards a brighter future for mental health in Canada, with an unwavering focus on the mental well-being of Black girls and women.