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Welcome to Udada

Welcome to Udada, where we ignite the fire of empowerment and well-being for Black Female youth in Canada. We are not just an initiative; we are a movement that believes in the limitless potential of every Black girl and young Black woman.


Young Black women face mental health challenges at double the rate of their white counterparts.

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of Black Canadians feel that the mental health system does not understand their unique needs

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What does UDADA mean?

“Udada” means sisterhood in Swahili, representing the spirit of unity, strength, and support that drives our mission.

Our Mission

A Mental Health Sector that Understands Black Girls and Women

At Udada, we are on a mission to uplift the lives of young Black girls and women. Our goal is to be their unwavering support as they embrace their education, carve out their career paths, and seize the reins of their social, political, and civic journey. We know that mental health is key to their success, so we offer resources, community, care, and safety.

Our Vision

Community-Empowered Mental Health for Black Girls and Women

We envision a future where young Black women are the architects of their own well-being. Making informed choices, driving their care, and contributing to the mental health sector in a meaningful way.

The Driving Force

In Canada, the mental health system has often missed the mark for young Black girls and women. A remarkable 78% of Black Canadians feel that the mental health system does not understand their unique needs, resulting in alarming mental health disparities within this dynamic demographic. These disparities affect their well-being, academic pursuits, and maternal health experiences.

Young Black women face mental health challenges at double the rate of their white counterparts. The glaring lack of access to culturally competent mental health services only exacerbates these issues, leading to underutilization and inadequate support.

In response to this clarion call, The Udada Project: Community-Led Mental Health for Black Girls and Women has taken flight. Our mission is to evaluate the current mental health landscape in Canada, shatter access barriers, craft tailored interventions, raise awareness, and establish a mental health support system that champions young Black women.

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Our Goals: Beyond the Horizon

The Udada Project has ambitious goals:

Comprehensive Evaluation

We will unveil a national report, revealing the findings of our assessment on existing mental health services for young Black girls and women. This report is the cornerstone for our future interventions.

Culturally Responsive Interventions

We are crafting a vibrant tapestry of tailored mental health services designed to cater to the unique needs of Black female youth. From counseling to therapy, peer support, and skill-building programs, we have it all.

Virtual Mental Health Platform

Imagine a digital sanctuary. We are building a user-friendly, culturally responsive virtual platform where young Black women can find mental health resources, tools, and support. A safe and accessible space for them to thrive.

Training Programs

Empowerment is our essence. We are creating comprehensive training programs for mental health professionals, educators, and community leaders. These programs will equip them with the cultural competence and skills to genuinely support young Black women in their mental health journeys.

Our Expected Outcomes: A Brighter Tomorrow

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Improved Access

Black girls and women will have increased access to culturally responsive mental health services tailored to their unique experiences and challenges.

Enhanced Well-being

As we chip away at mental health disparities, we anticipate a positive impact on the well-being of young Black women. Lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression will pave the path to a brighter future.

Empowerment and Resilience

Through our targeted interventions, we aspire to infuse young Black women with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to take charge of their mental health and build resilience.

Sustainable Support System

Through collaboration and partnerships, we are weaving a sustainable mental health support system that will endure long after the project’s duration.

Vibrant and Comprehensive Interactions

The Udada Project adopts a vibrant approach to address these challenges. We delve deep into understanding the unique mental health needs and experiences of Black Female youth in Canada. This understanding fuels the creation of culturally sensitive and responsive interventions, specifically designed to tackle their mental health challenges head-on.

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